National Risk Assessment Reports

Barbados National Risk Assessment Report


The FATF Recommendations requires jurisdictions to identify, assess and understand the risks posed by money laundering and terrorist financing. In 2019, Barbados embarked on a second National Risk Assessment (NRA) exercise to better achieve this objective, which saw the collaboration of all AML/CFT competent authorities under the umbrella of the Anti-Money Laundering Authority of Barbados. The results are documented in the REPORT ON ASSESSMENT OF NATIONAL MONEY LAUNDERING & TERRORIST FINANCING RISK – BARBADOS.

The NRA report can be viewed by downloading the below report and is intended to inform and raise awareness among the private sector, public sector and supervisors of evolving risks of money laundering and terrorist financing. All licensees [financial institutions and non-financial business entities and professionals] are encouraged to access the report and utilise the results in their AML/CFT risk-based programmes.


The national risk assessment exercise will be repeated on a 2-year cycle, that is, in 2020.

Download the Barbados National Risk Assessment Report