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Saturday, November 27, 2021
Financial Intelligence Unit of Barbados


FIU’s – “The Dollar Watch”- Newsletter – August 2021

We are delighted to present you, our stakeholders, with the first edition of our newsletter “The Dollar Watch.”
As a small island developing state every dollar counts. The sudden, precipitous movement of large sums of illicit funds can potentially destabilise our banking system and undermine public trust. Which is why we, together, must do all in our power to reduce the risk of laundered funds and monies used to finance terrorism and proliferation financing from breaching and/or leaving our shores. Dollar Watch is therefore about vigilance.

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Egmont Group – Business Email Compromise Fraud Bulletin – July 2019

The purpose of this bulletin is to alert competent authorities and reporting entities of key typologies and money laundering risks associated with business e-mail compromise (BEC) fraud schemes. The information in this bulletin should assist authorities and reporting institutions to better detect, identify, report, and investigate BEC fraud schemes and disrupt these illicit finance networks.

Download the Business Email Compromise Fraud Bulletin – July 2019 here.